Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ohio University receives record $92 million bequest

Looks like the Ohio University students will finally get some money to do such frivolous things as conduct a class on "How to polish your expensive diamonds" or one dissecting "What is the best luxury vehicle to have washed by your butler."
A record gift to OU, based in Athens, OH. has grown by more than $10 million, now that the value of the donors' estate has become clearer.
University President Roderick McDavis announced in Dayton Wednesday that Fritz and Delores Russ left about $92 million in cash, securities and property to the school, to be used for engineering education and research.
When he first disclosed the gift in January, McDavis said the university would receive an estimated $80 million.
Fritz Russ studied electrical engineering at OU and got his degree in 1942. He and his wife lived in Dayton and launched Systems Research Laboratories, specializing in control systems for airplanes.
Delores Russ died in January at age 86; her husband died in 2004.

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