Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Cincinnati Sound?

It facinates me how different cities can produce different "sounds."
So people at Cincinnati's www.cincymusic.com are discussing what music genre prevails in their fair city. The message board discussion went on for some 10 pages. I didn't read it all because I have somewhat of a life. But the basic gist is that "indie-rock and/or rock" was the final answer.
I guess I think that's pretty vague. To me Cincinnati has it's own version of rock that you don't hear elsewhere. It has two parts.
Part one is a dark modern rock tone, kinda bass heavy with loud guitars. People sing about topics like vampires, death, or create love songs about murder. Hard Rock Dirge Music? I think the sound can best be summed up with bands like The Sundresses, The Turnbull ACS, Noctacula, Ass Ponys, Get Sweaty, Cari Clara and more. It is almost a branch off the Afghan Whigs sound.
At the same time, another sound is prevalent, akin to The Heartless Bastards. It focuses on wild vocals, with a more rootsy and bluesy arrangement. This seems to be the "old school" Cincy sound. It can be found in bands like The Greenhornes, The Hiders, Buffalo Killers, Wussy, The Staggering Statistics. Some of the bands have elements of both sounds. Then you have Campfire Crush, Paper Airplane, Lonely the Seabird, The High and Low and Spectacular Fanstastic bringing out the experimental and poppier side of those sounds, with Kim Taylor adding to the folk side. Granted, there are a ton more bands I could include to nail my point in, but I'm doing this off the top of my head!
UPDATE: One reader reminded me that rockabilly is also a big part of the Cincy music style. Although it's kind of like a rockabilly/Social Distortion mix. Check out 500 Miles to Memphis for that sound.

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pinkrobot said...

One thing I pick up on (from Cincinnati Bands, more so then say, Columbus)is the influence of the Rock-a-billy sound.