Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Spotlight: Unholy Two of Columbus, OH.

I did this interview with The Unholy Two right before the band's recent 7-inch release. Unfortunately, I never quite got around to writing it in time for the release show.
I've always appreciated the band, because when it comes to "noise rock" the band definitely focuses a lot more on the rock aspect. It's a pure guttural release of sounds.
I've seen the band perform several times in the past few years and I'm always amazed how one night 80 percent of the room will leave, running with hands over their ears. But another night the same amount of people might rush the stage and dance to the same music like it's some 1980s dance night. Like most noise rock, it's an acquired taste. There is a middle ground in there somewhere that should be respected.
So I sent a few questions to Unholy's Chris Lutzko for further inquiry. I didn't quite expect him to take the questions seriously. Alas, he did not. But there are still a few nuggets of insight in his answers in there somewhere.

PEOPLE WITH ANIMAL HEADS: I've seen you live a few times over the years and I think what strikes me about your music so much is that it sounds like an some kind of riot. The vocals come off like a monk screaming down from a mountain, or like cops shouting on the street with a bullhorn. Does this come anywhere close to your intentions?

CHRIS LUTZKO: There was never an intent to sound chinese or like a cop. Maybe a leather cop.

PWAH: I haven't heard your new release yet. I plan to, but how do you think the recordings compare to your live shows?

CL: When you play a show your audience is mostly gun grabbers and baby killers so it can throw you off. The only other people at our recording were the engineers, Tom and Will, and we're more comfortable being around Koolies.

PWAH: I really like to focus on the aspect of Midwestern music on my site. How do you think being from the Midwest has influenced your music?

CL: I grew up during THE DRIVE, so most of my cleveland sports memories are kinda white guilt. Cheater Slicks rule Oblivians drool.

PWAH: What do you make of the increased attention Columbus has been getting over the past year in its avant garde scene? Is it hurting what has been going on, or is it providing more opportunities for like-minded musicians in town?

CL: I'm not really clued in to what the queers are doing, but I know that Columbus, Ohio is the rock and roll capital of North America.

PWAH: What are some midwestern bands you like right now that you think other people should know about?

CL: The Waterboards and The Beautiful Two

PWAH: Tell me a bit about your latest release, any lyrical themes you delve into and what your plans are right now to get the word out on it. (tours/release shows/any songs people can hear online).

CL: The A-side is about how girls can't rock. The B-side lets you know where you can find 'em.

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