Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Cleveland Sound?

I don't really get up to Cleveland much.
I'm going to be honest wth you, Cleveland kind of annoys me. What is up with those people? In college it was always the dudes from Cleveland who were arrogant and loud. Always talking about how they were originally from New York. At the time I compared them to people from Philly. No city on earth is as great as Philly - just ask people living in Ohio who USED to live in Philly.
So I have found that some of this weird attitude has worn off on the Cleveland music scene. It's pretty effing mysterious up there. Most bands I thought were from Cleveland are actually from Akron. If you're a band trying to get a gig in Cleveland, good luck. Unless you personally know someone from the music scene who will line up a show for you, it's nothing but a lot of getting ignored. From what I can tell, there doesn't even seem to be a specific "sound" coming from there. Do people even go out to shows up there? The few I've been to were pretty dead. And that includes Quasi, Elliott Smith and others.
I guess Pere Ubu is from there, but he's influenced more Columbus bands than those in Cleveland. Can somebody help me out? Seriously. What is the purpose of the Cleveland music scene? I saw Koufax once in concert down in Cincy. I met them afterwards and they seemed like alright guys. But they don't look you in the eye when they talk. They look around you. Is that a Cleveland trait? (Update: Holy Crap. I found out Koufax aren't even from Cleveland, they're from Toledo. Jesus, that just proved my point even more)
Cleveland, as Stephen Colbert says, you're on notice!
I seriously need someone from Cleveland to explain it to me. Until then, I'm at a loss. E-Mail me.
Please don't be mad Cleveland, we just need to get to know each other better.

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