Thursday, March 13, 2008

Get to know your Midwest record label:
Dayton's Squids Eye Records

When it comes to the great current Dayton, Ohio bands, it's a pretty easy guess they are associated with independent label Squids Eye Records.
We're talking Toads and Mice, Yazuka Heart Attack, The Sailing, and Jesse Remnant (also of Southeast Engine). All of which are creating some very interesting, experimental, indie pop. Columbus-folk should also check out The Gluons, for a nice Dayton representative of the Shitpop revolution.
I thought it might be a good idea to let more people know about the label and the bands it highlights. This Friday, March 14 the label will hold showcase concerts at the Nite Owl and then again on March 22nd at the Oregon Express.
Tony Gilbert, of Squids Eye Records recently helped shed some light on the label's intentions:
PEOPLE WITH ANIMAL HEADS: How did Squids Eye come about and what do you look for in bands that you represent? What drew you to the bands on the show?
TONY GILBERT: Squids Eye Records was started due to the massive amount of music my friends were making that didn't have an outlet, Brian Baker, Keith Rankin and The Sailing were the original reason I started Squids Eye Records, they were making music that needed to be heard.
As for what I look for in adding bands to the roster, first they have to be people I can get along with on a personal level, working with artists in which your only relationship is a business relationship is not rewarding no matter how good the music is. I don't look for any certain genre, Squids Eye releases all types of music. A lot of the artists on Squids Eye were introduced directly from other Squids Eye artists, basically everyone on Squids Eye acts as A&R for Squids Eye.
The bands that are performing at the show are all part of the Squids Eye Collective, Toads and Mice and Grizzzzy Bear recently released albums while the Sailing and Romance of Young Tigers are releasing full lengths soon on Squids Eye. The other half of the Squids Eye roster is playing a week after at Oregon Express for part 2 of the 1 year anniversary week which is doubling as the cd release parties for Jesse Remnant and the Gluons, Scott Deadelus who has a new full length coming soon and Squids Eye's newest artist Cry Baby Genius are also playing. All 8 Dayton based Squids Eye bands will be represented over the week, it's going to be an exciting week for us all, and Dayton will be treated to some amazing music as a thank you for supporting Squids Eye in its first of hopefully many birthdays.
PWAH: Could you describe for me how you see the current Dayton music scene? I always like to keep people posted on what's going on in other cities?
TG: I see the current Dayton scene as finally moving forward. There were some speed bumps for a couple years, but the fans are coming back out and more people are starting to pay attention. There are a ton of great bands who are working hard to make sure that people have a reason to pay attention. Aside from the Squids Eye bands, I think its important to mention Human Reunion, Captain of Industry, 8 Bit Revival, Joe Anderl and Lungs as some awesome Dayton bands. Too many artists up and leave the city or get some exposure and forget they are from Dayton. But we, along with the above mentioned artists and ton more, are hoping to change that, we aren't going anywhere. We also have a great network of supporters Don Thrasher, Kyle Meltone, Gem City Records, Nite Owl, Oregon Express, Adam at The Pearl and Mary Kathyrn, all do a ton for local artists and it is extremely appreciated by us all.
PWAH: How do you think people perceive the Midwest music scene? How do you perceive it? How do you see Dayton and even your label as fitting into that grander Midwest scope?
TG: I think the Midwest scene is the best. To me, Chicago is the mecca of Indie Rock. Some of the best labels are based there. As for how Squids Eye fits in to the Midwest scene, I think every city's scene is so different, just between Cincinnati and Dayton our scene seems 3000 miles apart. So it would be hard to compare what we do with the whole Midwest scene. That's a bullshit answer I know, sorry.
PWAH: Feel free to add anything else you would like to promote.
TG: Also be on the lookout for the Grizzzzy Bear "Passing" EP coming in April and Ceschi Ramos reissues on CD and Vinyl coming soon.

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