Friday, May 30, 2008

Music site roundup

Lots of great music coverage going on lately.
Here are a few things you should definitely check out:

• I saw this link to an interview with Times New Viking in London. I didn't plan to read it at first, because the interviews are becoming pretty redundant lately. But this new one is pretty damn insightful on the current state of Ohio/Columbus music. I especially like the quote about how ever since The Velvet Underground came to Ohio in 1966, Columbus bands have been competing for the loudest band title ever since. The more you think about that, the more it rings true.
You can find the entire article, HERE.

• The Wheel's Still in Spin, a Cincinnati-based site, has done a nice write-up on the excellent Shake It Records for this week's feature edition of "Better than the Chili." Read all about it HERE.

• I really enjoy the Dayton-based site "Buddha Den" because Kyle over there does a great job of creating new content and keeping it coming non-stop.
He has reported that the Dayton underground music site Fictionband has begun offering free downloads of Dayton bands from the more distant past, in addition to the current crop of home recordists. He said the material is extremely difficult to find elsewhere.
With The Nite Owl's recent demise, The Buddha Den reported that there are other options. Kyle said The Dayton Dirt Collective is a new venue in town that is based of the models of other collective type venues such as Mr. Roboto in Pittsburgh.
"In light of the recent closing of Nite Owl as a key venue in Dayton, bands in the region may want to look into this venue as an optional stop in Dayton. Additionally, you should contact the staff at the DDC, as their ability to step up and create an all-ages, non-alcohol-based venue is pretty cool," he wrote.
In other Buddhe Den news, the site will be releasing its own third seasonal sampler on July 1. It offers free downloads of the best in Dayton independent music.
• Cincinnati music critic Mike Breen has a write-up on a new series of outdoor music events happening this summer, called "Indie Summer." It basically consists of nightly offerings of live music at the Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati. This Friday features The Lions Rampant, The Sundresses and Turnbull ACs. Next Friday after that will be Cari Clara, Paper Airplane and The Harlequins. Check out the full article, HERE.
• Pitchfork Media has some great news about Chicago's The Ms next CD. Read all about it, HERE.
• Hopefully I can add to this round up throughout the day...

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