Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Indiana's Culture Shock concert

From CMJ:

Since 1991, WIUX (Bloomington) has hosted Culture Shock, a free annual concert to celebrate the end of the spring semester. On April 14, they host the biggest show in the history of their station. The accomplishment ought to be a welcome distraction from a nail-biting wait for an FCC ruling that could displace WIUX from their signal.

Who’s confirmed to play this year?
Xiu Xiu, Sunset Rubdown, Make Believe, Catfish Haven, Richard Swift, David Vandervelde And The Moonstation House Band, Chin Up Chin Up, Nomo, Mudkids, Arrah And The Ferns, Husband And Wife and the Coke Dares are all confirmed. We’re still working finalizing the last few acts.

What makes this year’s show so kick ass?
WIUX only reaches about 15 miles since we’re a low-power FM station. Even though we do reach the entire Bloomington area, most people around the state and neighboring regions don’t know about our station. Having bands that receive so much national attention and critical acclaim performing at WIUX’s signature event will help us reach more potential listeners and provide a day of great entertainment at no cost for anyone who is willing to make the trip. This event will be a great way to conclude the semester and it will serve to show that college radio and our home state have a lot to offer.

How involved is the station in booking and producing the show?
Our special events director, Brian Kerr, took care of all of the booking. We looked for bands that were going to be on tour around the time and who would be available on April 14. Some bands, Chin Up Chin Up for example, contacted us directly and said they were interested in playing. The entire show is organized, booked and staffed by WIUX volunteers. Every decision that is made is the result of input given by the students who take the time to volunteer with us.
How are you financing and promoting the event?

We set aside part of our budget every year to help pay for the event. We also work with IU’s Union Board to help pay for some of the acts we book. We still don’t have any sponsors confirmed, but we have some things in the works. We plan on doing some traditional promotions for the event, like posting flyers and talking it up on-air, but we’ve also been sending out press releases to blogs, newspapers and magazines [that] might be interested in the event. How were you able to get the event open to the public?

Many college stations have a hard time geting these kinds of shows open to the public.
All events we host on campus are free and open to the public because Indiana University and the Bloomington community are very supportive of and accommodating to WIUX. I think that hosting a free show like Culture Shock is a great way to give something back that students and residents of Bloomington, and music fans in general can enjoy at no cost as a way to say, “Thank you!”

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