Thursday, May 31, 2007

SHADE: Pittsburgh goldmine

For those who never make it out to Pittsburgh, which probably includes most of the Midwest, I've begun delving into the current sounds coming out of Pennsylvania. I think this is the furthest I'll go out east in my project.

I first saw Pittsburgh's SHADE when they did some shows with Columbus' Paper Airplane down in Cincinnati.
Northside Tavern was packed that night, with a bill that was rounded out with the Cedars who were from Philly (I think).

SHADE manages to create an exciting new form of shoegaze rock, because it barely touches shoegaze. The music is lively, disjointed and incredibly inventive. It's like recreating the 90s in modern indie rock form. The band puts on a tremendous live show and the songs are written to make sure the audience joins in.

Truly one of the best bands doing there thing in the Midwest right now. The band just announced it was recently added to the BUZZ radio station that plays for passengers of American Airlines.

Check them out here:

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