Monday, May 21, 2007

Taste of Cincinnati (May 26, 27, 28)

Looks like it's gonna be a great weekend for live music in Cincinnati. You can't go wrong with food AND rock n roll. It's the Taste of Cincinnati Festival.
(I know there are more stages, so I'll update this post as I learn them... wait, just found it. Here's the FULL SCHEDULE.

From WOXY:
This Memorial Day weekend, is teaming with CiN Weekly to co-sponsor their live music stage at this year's Taste Of Cincinnati. They've put together a terrific lineup of local bands that we're happy to get behind, including faves Wussy, Bad Veins, Pearlene, Buffalo Killers, and Fairmount Girls. Best of all, it's FREE, and you can sample some of Porkopolis' best restaurants for a song!
Approximately 500,000 people attend the Taste, making it one of the nation's largest street festivals and, this year, it's moving to Fifth Street to spotlight the $42-million renovation of Fountain Square and bring the event closer to the heart of downtown.
The Weekly stage will be located at the P&G Pavilion on Fifth Steet between Sycamore & Broadway. Click here to see the full lineup of music for all 3 days. You should have a Shiv, Joe and Mike sighting during the weekend, too. We're suckers for sweet tunes and good grub!
From Cin Weekly (which will have its own stage):

After weeks and weeks of toiling away over this lineup and dealing with diva bands and managers (totally kidding - they're all so great to work with!), I've got the lineup all set for our third annual CiN Stage at Taste of Cincinnati, May 26-28 in downtown Cincinnati.
Now that all of Taste has moved south a few blocks, the CiN Stage has found a new home at the P&G Pavilion, on Fifth Street, between Broadway and Sycamore.
Grab a potato pancake and a beer and come over to our grassy stage area (which I hear might have lots of seating - and hopefully be somewhat shady - an oasis in the concrete jungle of Taste) to hear the best lineup of local acts!
(Above, the amazingly talented Kim Taylor, who we are so happy to have playing our stage for the first time ever.)

The lineup:
(*Note: This is subject to change.)

1-2 The Swarthy Band
3-4 Kristen Key
5-6 Ellery
7-8 Wussy
9-10 Kim Taylor

1-2 Ill Poetic with DJ Rare Groove
3-4 Paper Airplane
5-6 Fairmount Girls
7-8 Bad Veins
9-10 Freekbass

1-2 Buffalo Killers
3-4 Pearlene
(I also heard Noctaluca was playing on Monday too)

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