Monday, June 18, 2007

Detroit's The High Strung return

Any chance I get to mention The High Strung will be done. Sounds like they had a blast on the recent tour, so it's good to see their fan base growing. I just read this from a recent Myspace bulletin Josh posted. Yes, I am lame. I sometimes get stuff from Myspace instead of doing actual music journalism... STOP JUDGING ME!
we're home. SIX weeks of touring and we're home. Now... I love home because there are people here I'm happier than happy to see and be with... and there are songs and books to be written (though these things could be taken care of on the ol' road, admittedly). my mom is here... my dog is here... my collection of Stephen King hardbacks is here... and groceries too. But... still... on the way in... on the riiiiiiide over the Michigan border, I couldn't help but feel a little twisting, aye. A little uneasiness in the gut. Because, for as good as all the things home has to offer are... the road (this time... and probably most times) was UNBELEIVABLE.
And not just the Son Volt half! That was as magical as three wishes but Seattle, Tucson, Lawrence, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Phoenix, Des Moines... and THE MALL OF AMERICA in Minneapolis. Oh how I wish I could take y'all with us. Show you the country through the tinted windows of the High Strung short bus... stop at THE THING? with you in Arizona... stay at Berko's in California... drink with Zack in Omaha and LA... get waaay to hot in the desert... walk around downtown Seattle with me... read GARCIA with Chad... listen to a thousand albums and a couple stand-up bits with us... watch THE DESCENT and we can all be mutually surprised at how much better it was than we imagined it'd be.
Come with us! Come with us on the road so my explanations can cease to feel flat. KNOW like I know how amazing this circle of America was.
And for all this... I thank thee... I thank ya' (cities we experienced) for making this the best tour yet for a band that has done a shit ton of touring.
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