Monday, June 25, 2007

Stags no more

Just learned this from Mike Breen's "Spill it" column:
Cincinnati's Staggering Statistics are calling it quits. This comes after a lot of activity recently, including live shows (both in and out of town) and the completion of a new album, … i'm thinking about changing (gee, they weren't kidding with that title), which the Stats previewed with a show at Know Theatre in May. News of their demise came out as they canceled several shows, including this Friday's triumphant return gig by local Indie greats mallory (The Invitational have replaced the Stats on the bill).

My note: The were a pretty great band that didn't play out too often. Lead singer Austin has a smooth yet angsty vocal approach you don't hear often. Noted for also having an ex-Afghan Wigs drummer on the kit.

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