Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jack White/Dylan

From Rolling Stone dailies:
Jack White To Feature On New Bob Dylan Album Of Hank Williams songs...
by Jason Gregory on 25/02/2008

Jack White is to write the music for a song on Bob Dylan’s new album, the White Stripes and Raconteurs singer has revealed.
White is among a number of artists, including Willie Nelson, who have been asked by Dylan to put the music to unfinished Hank Williams songs.
"Bob's putting together an album. He came upon, somehow, 20-25 unfinished songs by Hank Williams: just the lyrics, no music, and he started to ask people if they would finish these songs,” White told MTV
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“He did one, asked Willie Nelson to do one, asked me to do one, and I think Lucinda Williams and Alan Jackson are on it too.”
White said that Dylan hopes to release the record later this year and also revealed that he has a new project, besides the White Stripes and Raconteurs, that, for now, will remain secret.

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