Monday, February 11, 2008

Midwest alerts!

• Here's a stunning editorial from the Northern Star (Northern Illinois University paper), ranting about famous bands using their stadium for PRACTICE, instead of actually PERFORMING for it's musically depraved students. We are, after all, just fly-over states. Oh yeah, and eff Bon Jovi.
Read that HERE. I highly recommend.
HERE'S an article about Ames, Iowa band Poison Control Center and the Iowa Caucus.
• I don't know how you feel about singer Kate Voegele. Well, she's from Cleveland, so I thought I'd direct you to THIS article about her in the Toledo Free Press and maybe to THIS article about her tour coming through from the Oxford Press.
• Here's an article on a bunch of stuff to do in the Midwest this winter, from the Post Bulletin.
• The site "Life in the Great Midwest" discusses how to make chicken wings, among other things. I didn't know the site existed until today.
• This Kansas City newspaper manages to use the word "jizz" AND "spunk" in the same headline, in order to explain a new punk pop band's upcoming show.

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