Thursday, February 14, 2008

Midwest Round Up!

• There're a ton of bands currently recording now. The Raconteurs are hard at work in the studio. The aforementioned The Ms. Akron's Houseguest. Paper Airplane are working with the Heartless Bastards engineer. The 1900s recorded at Daytrotter. Dr. Dog has a new CD coming. Dayton's Moon High are selling a CD right now. The Black Keys have a new one coming out. Cincinnati's The Spectacular Fantastic just released "Consume / Reward."
• I don't know about you, but this festival seemed pretty lame to me at first. Dave Matthews?
Then I saw all the other bands on it.
This festival seemed a little better at the time, and it's run by college kids. But the first one is good.
• Athen's Southeast Engine is hitting the road soon for that tour with Michigan band Frontier Ruckus, which I told you was coming about a month or so ago.
• PWAH favorites Aleks and the Drummer need some help getting more shows in Austin for their SXSW gig.
hi there misses and misters. we're playing sxsw at the schubas party so a heads up on that.
we were invited to play the schubas party, which was a huge hit i heard last ;year. but we're driving all the way down there, and we'd love to play another party to make it more worthwhile. any ins from anyone, and advice on how this stuff works (i've never been to sxsw--clueless) will be so very much appreciated. do you just show up and these parties come up? is it all really planned ahead of time? do you know anyone that is affiliated with any of the parties that may like us? (why wouldn't they? :)
also, any offers of places to stay, even a night at a time, would be rewarded with a secret listening party of our new recordings by Dave Sitek that no one will have heard yet, plus a good breakfast, and i volunteer deric to handwash your dirty socks. i may draw your portrait with crayons.
thank you thank you thank you. you help us get a show there, you can stay with us when you pass through chicago for tour or visit.

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