Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Midwest alerts

I wrote the last post a while back and wasn't gonna post it. But I changed my mind, said what the fuck, and decided to post it for posterity sake. Sometimes things just need to be put out there to remind us all to try harder.
I guess I'll keep plugging away:

• I've been hearing about this dude who plans to do his next tour by canoe, in order to save money on gasoline. I'll try to find out some more and post about where he goes.
• New release from Captain of Industry out now via All Hail Records. Check out Buddha Den for some info on that.
• Chicago's David Vandervelde is back at it again. He was roomies with Jay Bennett and they owed a studio together. Yeah, so that's how we all know about him today. His music is still good though.
• Just to give you an example how bullshit can turn into reality, I learned today that the myth about lemmings running off cliffs to their suicide was created by a 1958 movie called "White Wilderness." It is filmed in the Canadian Arctic and the director imported the lemmings in order to create a staged migration scene. It resulted in the mistaken belief that lemmings kill themselves.
So the next time some hipster rants about lemmings, you'll know the irony of that.

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