Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Midwest alerts

• Looks like if you're a small touring band the best time to play Chicago is around Lollapalooza. Apparently bands aren't allowed to do shows at other venues in Chicago 60 days before or 30 days after their performance.
That's nuts, but I say take advantage of it. It's also good to know for next year, isn't it all you other bands fighting against nepotism?
Read the whole article published at Time Out Chicago, HERE.

• Is Detroit on the verge of an economic downfall - again? Newsroom magazine is asking this very same question and citing a lot of scary facts about how the American auto industry based in Detroit is going the way of the New Dodo: The SUV.
Read the article, HERE.
The most telling point was that when people want to have fun they now have to go across the river to Windsor, Canada.
Today, Detroit is a shadow of its former self. The big Three that made this city an international icon of prosperity and industry have fallen on bad times. And now the unthinkable — the possible demise or bankruptcy of the once mighty industrial giants now withering from decades of short term thinking, cash cowing, and going for the quick buck.
The disease eating at Detroit is not of its own making. We all played a part in prostituting American businesses for their short term gain.

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