Thursday, July 10, 2008

Midwest alerts

• Former Cincinnati, now Brooklyn band The National seems to be popping up a lot lately.
First I read about their new pro Obama t-shirts with the democratic nominee's image and the words "Mr. November" on the bottom. All proceeds of thr t-shirt sales go to Obama's campaign.
Then I saw this interview with Matt over on Aquarium Drunkard, HERE.
• A Upper Kentucky folk musician just signed with Sub Pop, according to Mike Breen's "Spill it" column, HERE.
• Mil Milk Lemonade has a refreshingly open-minded take on the recent Columbus, Ohio Parking Lot Blowout concert, featuring Times New Viking and Dead Sea as headliners. Check that out, HERE.
• Uh Oh, did Pennsylvania's Girl Talk get screwed doing the whole "pick your price Radiohead" thing? Some people think so. Check this story, HERE.

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