Thursday, January 11, 2007

Buddha Boy

So I've become obsessed with the story of this 16-year-old kid in Nepal who may be the next reincarnation of Buddha, Ram Bahadu Bamjan. Back story: His family thinks he's weird. He grows up a bit. He starts meditating and fasting for months on end. People start noticing the kid never eats or drinks water and sits at the base of a tree for weeks not moving. People begin to wonder about his powers and thousands start paying homage to him. Then he disappears into the wilderness for months. They send groups of people to find him - he's just a kid. No one finds him. On Christmas the kid finally comes back, says he had to leave because he couldn't get any peace. He sits back down by the base of the tree and has been meditating and fasting there ever since. He's been bit by two snakes. Thousands of people visit him, but are kept within a certain distance. Then his brother says he witnesses the Buddha Boy's hair gather on top of the kid's head and knot itself without using hands. Sparks begin spitting from the kid's body. A weird light eminates from his neck. Symbols appear on his skin. Then one day the Buddha Boy's clothes spontaneously combust and burn from his body. Apparently there is a video of this, but it has not been released. So is it a farce or the real deal? That's the big debate. Scientists have decided to investigate him, but without disturbing his meditation. There's been no update on that. I'm fascinated by it. I especially love how people I know who are huge Christians get visibly upset when I bring up Buddha Boy. They say it's a big joke. Everyone is making it up and the kid's probably eating at night. But I wonder why it's so easy for someone to think Jesus could walk on water, heal people and turn water into wine thousands of years ago - but stuff like that can't happen now? It just seems hypocritical. It would be crazy if he were really Buddha and no one pays attention to him out of fear. Jesus would be screwed if he ever comes back.

Check out these stories about the kid:

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