Sunday, January 14, 2007

Columbus 2007 drama

Every now and then I like to post about lame music scene drama going on in cities around the state. Right now there is some drama going on at over Columbus "Bands to Watch in 2007" lists.
It doesn't matter who makes a "best of" list, people think the bands chosen don't deserve it. So it looks like ex-Columbus Alive writers thought it would be great to make it an "Us vs. Them" type thing. Indie vs. Corporate.
Back story: Columbus Alive gets bought out by Columbus Dispatch because the Alive was losing cash. New blood comes in, gives the music editor the boot, along with his music writing staff.
So that was a year ago. January approaches and with it comes the annual "Best of" lists. Perhaps feeling slighted he got the boot, ex-music editor makes his "Bands to watch 2007" list anyway, hoping people will still rally behind it. Meanwhile, Columbus Alive has it's own "Bands to Watch 2007" they plan to do. So ex-music editor books a show a week ahead of the Alive's show, at the same bar (Skully's). Ex-music editor makes a big hullabaloo over his list, posting new bands, video interviews and MP3s every day - all while taking pot shots toward the "corporate" Alive.
Oddly enough, many people start posting on Donewaiting how his list wreaks of favoritism: Chooses bands he is friends with personally, chooses bands based on where he goes to hang out, etc. People generally hate the list before it's even fully announced. Some girl says that having two lists (Big Bad Corporate vs. Ex-writers list) is just going to end up "hurting the bands." Lo and behold, she is right. People start lashing out at the bands chosen: Unholy Two, The Black Canary and Church of the Red Museum. More bands expected to be announced. Hopefully things will calm down? I'm not sure, it's too fun to read. - (UPDATE -People have become relaxed about the whole thing now. They even chose a couple great bands like The Lindsay, and a new kid I'd never heard of named Blake Miller, who writes Elliott Smith-styled tunes, but coming from more of a Beach Boys vocal harmony angle. They also chose Lambsbread, who are a noise band that totally blows. Columbus Alive chose Blake Miller also, indie pop Paper Airplane, rapper Catalyst, 60s punk rock Outerspacist and instrumental Brainbow.)

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