Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dayton: Bands to Watch 2007

Bands to watch for in 2007
By Richard O Jones and Eric Robinette
Dayton Journal-News Staff Writers
Friday, January 19, 2007 and other Web sites promoting bands from those that practice in an uncle's garage to the ones we see at the Grammys helped us determine just what we want to hear this year. Big or small, the Internet streamed to us the bands we thought should be forwarded to you.
Local venues continue to play a major role in giving ground to rockers. You'll find these bands anywhere from the Southgate House in Newport to Barb's Pub in Middletown and beyond. We like their sound, their quality and their determination.
Give it up for the bands to watch in 2007, and do yourself a favor — add them to your online friends lists.
"Cincinnati's answer to the Wreckers"
About them: Ft. Thomas, Ky., high school classmates Heather Turner and Katie Wefer started playing guitar together to get themselves through some nasty break-ups. After winning $100 in a talent competition at Austin City Saloon in Lexington, Ky., singing "Sweet Child O' Mine," the duo began gigging together. Last March, an open mic slot at Cincinnati's Courtyard Cafe garnered the attention of Kelly Thomas and the Rivertown Music Club, who helped them put together a full band. Recording is in progress and the band expects to have a CD ready by the summer. Catch them Monday at the Poison Room and Feb. 2 at the second "One More Girl On a Stage" event at the Southgate House.
"Telling it like it is"
About them: The Middletown-born-and-based rapper writes and records his own tunes, and is working on new material for 2007. These include two mix tapes, "Your Not 2 Sicc", and "M.O.B. Mix Tape Vol. 1." He may also turn out his second full-length album, called "Middletown You Have the Right to Remain Violent."
rock/pop punk/indie
"The heartbeat revealed through song"
About them: Jonuh started in 2005 with three best friends that share the same passion for writing and performing music. Jonuh will be touring throughout 2007 and promoting their self-titled CD, which was released last October, and hope to record another sometime this year. "Our basic goal is to keep getting our name out not just in Cincinnati but around the country through lots of hard work and plenty of shows," said drummer Michael Maher. See Jonuh Jan. 28 at the Poison Room in Cincinnati or Feb. 9 at the Underground in Fairfield/Forest Park.
"Back to basics, no apologies"
About them: In three short years, A Nervous Wreck has become Cincinnati's resident metal opening act, warming up crowds for Firehouse, Warrent, L.A. Guns, The Bullet Boys, Stryper, Jackyl and Faster Pussycat, just to name a few. "Our band is a mix of old Motley Crue/Guns N' Roses/L.A. Guns/Faster Pussycat/Skid Row all rolled into one with our own flare added," says the band's MySpace bio. "We are not a glam band by any means but we don't shy away from our influences either." A Nervous Wreck's first full-length CD is due out early this year. Now touring regionally, the next area gig will be Feb. 15 at The New Rhino's, 11473 Chester Road, Cincinnati.
"Twisted tales of hospitals, hearses and true love"
About them: The Turnbull ACs started in mid-2005 by vocalist and songwriter Dan Mecher, formerly of the Denials. The band created an immediate splash, earning Cincinnati Entertainment Award nominations for new artist of the year and singer/songwriter of the year. Since then, the Turnbull ACs have participated in two MidPoint Music Fest showcases and unleashed its first full-length, self-titled CD last May. See The Turnbull ACs Saturday at the Southgate House.
garage / blues / rock
"If the Clash had listened to grunge"
About them: The Lions Rampant channel the old blues attitude, '70s punk rock guitar and hip-hop rhythms to created a truly unique sound — and they do it all wearing custom-made lion costumes. The debut EP, "Half Woman Half Alcohol" is six rollicking tracks, which, according to singer/guitarist Stuart MacKenzie, "capture the introspection and the language of three friends, some whiskey and a lot of women" recorded in a trailer in Burlington, Ky. The band also includes Paul Bunyan on bass and Alex Brauer (who refuses to wear the lion suit) on drums. See Lions Rampant at the Courtyard Cafe, 1211 Main St., Cincinnati on Jan. 26.
alternative/pop punk/indie
"High energy, brightly dark alt-pop"
About them: It's already shaping up to be a big year for Pike. The band is signed up for three high profile national music festivals — a repeat appearance at the Invasion of the Go-Girls at SXSW in Austin, Texas; the Hyperactive Music Festival in Albuquerque, N.M., and Diversafest in Tulsa, Okla. A six-song (as yet untitled) EP is due in the spring. Next gig: Saturday at Arlin's, Cincinnati.
"A delicate demolition of roots music"
About them: Bill Alletzhauser has been a fixture on the local music scene since the late 1980s as the lead guitarist for the Ass Ponies and more recently for the band Ruby Vileos. Now he joins forces with local actress, Beth Harris, to create a mellow Neil Young/Emmylou Harris-inspired act. The band's debut set, "Valentine," has already garnered national attention on NPR's "World Cafe." See them next at Alchemize, Cincinnati, Jan. 27, and the Poison Room, Cincinnati, Feb. 17.
"Big, juicy guitar riffs"
About them: Emerging from the remains of experimental band Levelnine, fronted by Hamilton High grad Chris Charlton, The Host has developed a classic sound with big guitar riffs and dramatic song arcs. The band also includes former Levelniners drummer Marc Sherlock and bassist Stephen Streit (both HHS alums) and guitarist Tim Kindberg, formerly of Dropshadow. The band's debut EP, "Receive," has caught the attention of local audiophiles and a follow-up EP, titled "Transmit," is due for a February launch.
progressive rock
"Breakout band with inspiring lyrics from the soul"
About them: The trio became a quartet in 2006 with the addition of lead vocalist Joel Butch. Previously, Perspective had sung harmony vocals. According to singer/guitarist Rod Middleton, the group is finalizing a record deal with the independent label Nightmare Records to distribute their CD "Latitudes" which was recorded last year.
middletucky metal
"Leave the kids at home"
About them: The band had a big line up change at the end of 2006 with lead singer Jason Tipton now playing guitar and singing backing vocals. Filling his position is William Fecke from Dayton, formerly of the band Winter of Discontent. Josh GoodLoe is the new bassist. The group is writing a new album with Glen Benton from the band Decide producing. A full west coast tour is in the works for late summer/early fall.
"Hardcore and in charge of the stage"
About them: The Franklin-based band is working on a new album, having just started recording it. It should be finished in two or three months, said John Ross, who runs the group's label, Road Apple Music. My Wasted Youth will also try its hand at the battle of the bands at Cincinnati's Bogarts.
"Multi-talented and movin' on up"
About him: Myers plays Celtic and folk music in the old tradition as a songwriter, performer and vocalist. He will release his debut effort, "Celtic Souls and Other Misfit Spirits," this spring and will be performing in the Main St. Art & Music Festival in June in Middletown.
"Attracting leisure seekers, New Orleans-style"
About them: An homage to blues legends including Muddy Waters, Son House, R.L. Burnside, Elmore James and more. King Blue will record its follow-up effort this year for release in the summer. The band will offer rare performances throughout the region but will focus on continuing to bring local talents together to record. All music is available for free download at
"Acoustic tales coated with experience"
About him: This songwriter continues a musical heritage that spans generations. Rob Hoffman, the head of Alpha Dawg records, says Laswell produces "true roots music." Laswell will release his second album this year and will perform in the Main St. Art & Music Festival in June in Middletown.
"A party through every single note"
About them: This quartet had been inactive for a number of years but is getting back into play. "We're working on a second CD, we've been trying to practice and write new music. Hopefully by springtime we'll play as often as possible and head up some big places around here," said Dave Thornton, the band's guitarist. The follow-up has been a long-time coming— the first, "It's On," came out in 1995.


meltones said...

I happened to come across this old post. Funnily enough, it's from the Dayton, KY local paper, not the Dayton, OH paper. All of the bands listed in this article are from the Cincinnati area. None are from Dayton, OH.

Christopher Animalhead said...

Good eye, meltones.
I think this is one of the first posts I ever had on here too. To think it was totally wrong. I must have been thrown by the three Cincinnati bands they listed. Maybe I should just move it to the Kentucky Sound section I haven't started yet...

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