Monday, January 22, 2007


Coachella posters list Jesus and Mary Chain as part of the bill for 2007. Are they back together for good? Is there a US tour in the works? Why the hell didn't they do this shit three years ago when all these crappy new bands started aping their style?
OK, so I learned that no one knows yet if it's a full scale reunion with tour. The band doesn't even have a web-site for god sake. I do know that JAMC is reissuing its full catalog of work. So it could be the Coachella show is just for publicity to sell more of the reissues. But I also learned that the Reid brothers are already in a band called Sister Vanilla (horrible band name, by the way) with their sister on vocals too. Maybe the fact that they are in a band already - despite their huge onstage bust up in 1998 and eventual break up - has the fence officially been mended with the help of a sister? One of the best shows I ever saw was Jesus and Mary Chain with Mazzy Star at Newport in Columbus. I hope they have changed their hair cuts by now. We only need one Cure hairdo going on.

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