Saturday, April 21, 2007

Alchemize R.I.P. - Make way for the Decibel Lounge, DL

The recent update on the future of Cincinnati's Alchemize has been announced. Long story short: Nick Spencer is out.
For those still interested in reading, now for the longer version.
According to former Alchemize co-owners Puck Dunaway and Kevin Carlisle, for the time being "alchemize" will remain open, and will continue to be open at 3929 Spring Grove Avenue in Northside.
However, they reported, the name of the bar will soon be changing to the Decibel Lounge (or simply the DL). In better news, all the bartenders, staff, and DJs - with the exception of Nick Spencer - will still be working at this location.
"Although we still love the alchemize name, the press and drama of the last year have tarnished the image to a degree that we feel it's time for a fresh start with a new name," the two said in a recent release on Myspace. "Other than that, expect the same great atmosphere and events you're used to, and we're excited to move forward with bigger and better things!"
This is great news for those who enjoyed Alchemize. For all the bad things that came of the bar, it is good to know that the positive parts will remain. I have known that Puck and Nick have long been champions of local music in Cincinnati, and are extremely trustworthy guys. It will be nice to know another Northside option will remain for bands and music fans.
But I still suggest going to Northside Tavern as much as possible (sorry, it's the best place in the state for bands).
If you’re a talent or act that would like to perform at the future Decibel Lounge, contact Austin Brown, the new booking agent for the space at

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