Friday, April 13, 2007

Midwest Music Summit takes the year off

Fans of Indiana's Midwest Music Summit will be disappointed. It's not going to happen this year. Just found out about this:

"For the best interest of the MMS we are taking the 2007 year to reorganize our beloved event and therefore we have elected to produce the next Midwest Music Summit August 7-9, 2008. The MMS has grown tremendously over the past 6 years and can become very overwhelming for our staff of volunteers. We will utilize 2007 to establish relationships with new sponsors and partners as well as continue working on our 501 (c) (3) filing, and start planning for one of the most aggressive MMS events in our history," a recent release stated.

For more information check out the Midwest Music Summit Web-site HERE

You can still apply for the 2008 Midwest Music Summit. But this kinda sucks, especially after I've gotten to know and love so many Indiana bands this year...

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