Thursday, April 12, 2007

Quick note

It occurred to me last night that the music being created right now, in the underground lesser known regions of America (not just the Midwest) is pretty incredible. Perhaps forcing radio stations to play more indie rock will help, but who can tell. Any reasonable person can hear a song by the Heartless Bastards and know they are fucking 100 times better than most shit on the radio. So politics must be behind its demise. If it wasn't radio would be much different.

So I got a few Myspace "friend" requests for the People With Animal Heads site last night and they were all pretty damn good bands. One in particular, Indiana's Motorcycle Blood! Blood! Blood!, was real interesting. Check them out. I've never heard anything like them before. Odd indie rock changes, gang vocals, heavy metal vocals = New and improved.
I also really liked an Austin, TX. band named The Corto Maltese. They don't have a label. For god sake, every douchebag screaming into a microphone with a loud guitar can get on a label and make a ton of records. Somebody sign this band. Why don't lables flock to stuff like this? You know, music based on merit instead of GENRE. Fuck genres. Punk rock is dead. Heavy metal is dead. It's time to move to new horizons, labels. Punk rock has changed. Keep up with us.

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