Monday, April 9, 2007

Midwestern Round up!

I thought it was time for a round up on some great bands from the Midwest and what they currently have up their sleeves.

Of the top of my head:
• Cincinnati's Buffalo Killers are perhaps one of my top five recommended bands in the Midwest. Their new self-titled CD is racking up the positive reviews. They are also currently on tour from here to eternity and back. They have a video you can see on Myspace that is pretty neat. Just click the link I provided. Possible interview with them is pending. I see these guys getting big quick, but that's me. I also thought Wilco's "Ghost is Born" was their best release... so what do I know...
• I've been hearing Athen's SOUTHEAST ENGINE may have an exciting announcement soon. Until then, they have a lot of shows booked around the region.
• As you know, I like Arrah and the Ferns, from Muncie, Indiana. They are on tour again. Support them when they come to your town.
• Other Muncie band Everything, Now! has abunch of shit pending, like full-length "Ugly Magic" and another called "Bible Universe" Both due out in 2007. They are about to head south on tour.
• On April 10 (tomorrow) Cleveland's great Machine Go Boom will release it's CD "Music for Parents" on the Collectable Escalators label.
• Columbus band Psychedelic Horseshit are none too subtle on the quest to find a new "hottie" guitar player to join the band. No uglies, need apply.
• Cincy band Diet Audio is set to release its debut CD "Ecrasez L'Infame," pronounced (Ek-ra-say law-fam) in the next couple weeks. They are also planning a tour. I wonder if Nick Spencer still owes them money...
• More to come as I gather stuff...

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