Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Spotlight: Cleveland's Afternoon Naps
Releases new CD

When I finally broke through the wall that went up years ago around the Cleveland music scene, it led to a windfall discovery of great bands.
As the dust cleared, I was particularly amazed to find that not only are there a ton of great Cleveland bands, but their scene has a large indie pop vein running through the middle of it. I didn't see that coming - and I don't mean "vein" in a phallic way, you pervs.
Which leads me to the Afternoon Naps, a band I found out about via the Toledo Indie Pop Fest. They have a certain joy to their music and live show that is addictive. I recommend checking them out if they come through your town.
The band has a new 7-song CD out called "Sunbeamed" which is currently available for purchase. Soon you can get the CD via their Web sites, but for now you can simply send them a message through their Myspace page and buy one early for $8.
Or catch them at their two upcoming shows:

Sept. 22 - Beachland Ballroom - Afternoon Naps with Kiddo and Black Canary (1 p.m.)
Nov. 30 - Grog Shop - Afternoon Naps with Bears and Southeast Engine.

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thanks for the info! this band sounds cool.