Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Terribly Empty Pockets - moving away?

One of the more interesting of Columbus, Ohio bands I know of may be doing what most American liberals hoped to do after the 2004 elections: Move to Canada.
Terribly Empty Pockets took elements of twee indie pop arrangements (xylophones, acoustic guitar) and mixed them with the weirdness of Talking Heads (disjointed and oddly emotional vocals). Where it failed with many other bands trying the same thing, TEP made it work.
The group also has it's own boy genius in drummer Ryan Jewell. The past year has seen the drummer step out on his own by performing his noise/avant garde compositions with like-minded guitarist Larry Marotta.
But the Pockets and Jewell are planning on doing some shows before they leave.
Apparently, four out of five members are fleeing Ohio for Hamilton, Ontaio within the next month. One will be attending grad school and will be moving within the next week.
Jewell will first be touring Europe performing avant-garde percussion gigs and will be leaving Columbus when he returns. That makes me sad.
Two others will remain in Ohio while they attain jobs in Canada and get work visas.
One pocket is staying in Columbus where he is an adjunct professor at a local university.
Before leaving for various countries, the Pockets are playing an Immigration Celebration at Cafe Bobourbon St. in Columbus on Sunday, August 19th (early show from 7 to 10). Jordan O' Jordan and Midnight Wild Streets will be their guests.
"The show will be free to attendees that can recite all the lyrics to Lee Greenwood's 'God Bless the USA.'"
The Pockets have also booked time at Columbus Discount Recording to work on their upcoming LP, with plans to finishing it before heading to the Great White North.

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