Friday, April 4, 2008

Midwest Alerts!

• The I Remember Dayton site has a nice bit on the possible sale and liquidation of Antioch College. That would suck. Misguided hippies or not, the college is an institution of a liberal top notch education. Dave Chapelle may end up living in the middle of nowhere, if that college dies. Read the article in the Dayton Daily News HERE and read IRD site's article HERE.
He also has a bit on a Dayton Musicians Co-op. Not to be a debbie-downer, but I just have never really liked the co-ops in any city. They always talk a big game (insurance for musicians/recording money for charity projects/etc) and all that happens are gigs twice a year in which bands give their hard earned time and energy so the co-ops can make promotional stickers, update their web site or something lame. After years and years of shows, only piddly things ever come of them. But I have hope. Maybe they just need to organize more events aside from live shows?
• Greg Kot has a nice review of Ray Davies recent Chicago gig, HERE
• I'm not really a big fan of Cursive, nor most bands out of that whole Wisconsin hype that sprouted up years ago. That said, here's a nice article on Cursive from the Daily Iowan, HERE.
• Here's a short little interview with Leon Redbone, who is performing in Michigan, HERE.
• With music venues dying all across the Midwest, it's funny that Cincinnati's Riverbend has plans to debut a new venue. Read that article, HERE.

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