Friday, April 25, 2008

Poor, poor McCain

Way to take a stand, McCain!
Four fucking years too late, douchebag.
Why, next thing you know he'll be taking such wildly political stances as speaking against child prostitution or denouncing things like rape.
Republican presidential candidate John McCain was sharply critical yesterday of what he called the Bush administration's disgraceful handling of Hurricane Katrina and vowed, "Never again."
McCain, putting some distance between himself and President Bush, said if he had been president during the 2005 catastrophe he would have immediately visited New Orleans after the killer storm.
While he said he was not being critical of Bush for not visiting New Orleans, "I'm just saying I would've landed my airplane at the nearest Air Force base and come over personally."
Two days after the hurricane made landfall in August 2005, when immediate recovery efforts were chaotic, Bush surveyed the damage during a fly-over in Air Force One while returning from a trip to the West Coast.

Come to think of it - two days? I remember it was more like five days before Bush got off his fat ass and took a look down south at his wet pants.

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention the fact that he voted against giving New Orleans $$$(in the billions) to help rebuild after the hurricane. I'm 99.99% sure any politician that voted against helping that city and for giving trillions to a war will rot in hell or have a black magic (no pun intended) curse put on them.