Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Midwestern Links

• I share a very similar taste in music with the people behind Aquarium Dunkard, which is why I probably like the site so much.
All the more reason, they published a nice article, with MP3s and video, on Guided by Voices.
Check that out, HERE.
• Mike Breen, Cincinnati music critic, reported that the Cincy Punk fest raised $6,000 over two nights for Alex Brauer, the former drummer for Lions Rampant, who has been battling testicular cancer. That's pretty amazing and hopefully will provide Brauer and his family was some monetary relief.
When I hear of people battling cancer, I honestly become pissed off these days because our government is set up to make their lives even more difficult. Prescription pills costing them hundreds of dollars a bottle, doctor visit co-pays, overnight hospital stay costs, etc. Will this country ever move forward and let these people do what they need to be doing: Focusing on recovering and beating their illness?
To the folks who organized the festival, it was touching to see it focused toward an individual the performers knew. I imagine that must have made for some inspiring performances and energetic crowds.
• Chicago's The Smoking Popes will be releasing its follow-up to 1997's Destination Failure on June 7th. It's called Stay Down and will be celebrated with a release party at The Metro. New songs are also available on their link.
• "A Skin, A Night" is a new movie by director Vincent Moon about former Cincinnati's truly exceptional The National. The film was made during the recording of the band's latest album "The Boxer" and is about the modern experience of making music. The film comes packaged with an EP called "The Virginia."
• I heard he still lives in Minnesota on a ranch, so I think I can consider Bob Dylan a fellow midwesterner. Word is the recent Pulitzer Prize winner will follow up his critically acclaimed autobiography Chronicles with a children’s book called "Forever Young." The forty page picture book is due to hit shelves October 6th.

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mcgob said...

I heard that the Bob Dylan book is an illustrated companion to Dylan's all-time favorite song, "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart.