Tuesday, April 22, 2008

REVIEW: Fake Fictions: Krakatoa

There's nothing I hate more than when a music site promises to write about a band's new release and then doesn't. I have made this fatal error.
So tonight I hope to reclaim my honor by mentioning the latest effort from Chicago's The Fake Fictions.
In essence, this band is exactly why I started this site. I wanted to find music that represents no boundaries. I have said many times that being a fan of independent music should not be about liking one genre. It should be about appreciating all genres enough to have the balls and the ability to do something unique with it.
That's why I have been enjoying Fake Fictions new release Krakatoa. I swear I have heard this band before, and now I'm starting to think I saw them live at some point. I think that's why I remember them, because they sound like they'd be fucking great live.
They find a way of combining the best of Television-style guitar focus, with retro-girl group drum beats and excitable vocals that seem to be a cross from the 80s and today. But when you jumble it all together into individual songs it's incredibly fun too. For an example of this in detail just check out when the band attempts to sing the vocals through what seems to be entirely through the room mics on "Which Witch is Which."
What I'm really digging on are the twin guitar solos that weave throughout everything they do. It really makes their work stand out. I just love the mechanics involved in "(I cannot get any) Satisfaction." But when those twin guitars are adding to the singers its bliss.
Now, there are 14 songs on this thing, so I obviously don't have the time to talk about ever damn one. Instead, give it a listen for yourself at http://www.autraumaton.org/comp/krakatoasampler.swf. The whole CD is streaming for you there.
If I had anything negative to say, it would be about my longtime hate/hate relationship with surf music. I can tell that this band has more of a love/love relationship with surf music. That's cool. Thankfully, they spend 90 percent of their time trashing the image of surf rock into something fresh and new, and then spend 10 percent of the time celebrating it.

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