Friday, February 2, 2007


So I recently started putting word out about this site. For any new people showing up to look around, please go back to the first blog and read up. I hope you'll see the point is to treat "People with Animal Heads" like an on-line newspaper focused ENTIRELY on Midwest music and culture - except for Buddha Boy. I think that will make us stand out amongst the other blogs and perhaps serve as a good link those sites can add to their sites. I figure they offer services I don't provide, so perhaps we can help each other out - fill in any gaps we all lack and vice versa. Maybe someday we'll become a full-fledged ".COM" site, but for now it's still in "BLOGSPOT.COM" mode because I hate paying for shit.
Some highlights so far: Interviews with Southeast Engine, a Cincinnati bar owner, essays on various topics and more. Things will get bigger, so keep us in your bookmarks and come back on a daily basis (that's how often I update). I sleep on the weekends.
If anyone would like to contact me (Chris) for story ideas or special events going on in different cities, contact me:

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