Friday, March 21, 2008

More on The Union

Here's some more info on the Union closing ramblings, from Mr. Junebug himself:

By Eric Leighton
Athens NEWS Writer
March 20, 2008

You ever play the game Telephone? You know, the one where you tell someone a sentence and then they turn and tell it to the person next to them who in turn does the same until it gets back to the beginning in some completely indecipherable form. That’s what Bar Talk is. Bar Talk is a sub-species of Gossip, but not necessarily malicious. It doesn’t quite qualify as Drunk Talk, though it occasionally dips its tongue in there, too.
I have been all too aware of this mode of pseudo-communication in the last year or so. Here’s an example: A few weeks ago, when I first got my still-lingering ear-infection, I texted a few people for help at the Open Stage I was hosting because it sounded too weird in my head (and hurt) for me to sing very much. There was a brilliant turnout of my fellow musicians (thank you very much) but almost 40 people came up to me and asked me how I was feeling. Of the people I sent messages to, four of them were there, all of whom I sent the message a scant three hours before. Not only that, the sign in front of the bar claimed: “Open Stage – Guest Host, Parker” or something like that. No guest host ever presented himself to me. Sorry if I stole your gig, Parker.
Needless to say, I was floored by the efficiency of the Bar Talk system to move around the information, but I was also disturbed at how convoluted it became in the process. I could cite endless examples, as no doubt could most of you.
I bring this up this week due to the Bar Talk assault on the closing of the Union, information about which I believe will be dealt with in an article elsewhere in this paper. I urge all of you to settle down and let things sort themselves out. Yes, it would be terribly sad if the Union was to be gone forever, but I have hope in the resiliency of that establishment to weather this storm. I’m asking for people to give it some space and not add to the mess, especially if you want to help save the Union.
I know a lot of you have no idea that I spent many a formative day at the Union. It was the place I played for years, indeed I even have a picture on the wall upstairs. Lou was one of the first people to take me in and be very kind to me when I moved to town, and I am forever grateful for that friendship. I am loyal to the bar and have probably spent more years there than anyone looking for a scramble.
Let’s just try to let go of the Bar Talk Telephone game and ease the pressure back a bit so things can come clear. Banana gypsy Pac Man gopherlicious beanpop razmataz hockey sticks.
It is Scott Winland’s intention to make sure that all scheduled shows at the Union go off as planned. This weekend is no exception.

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