Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Midwest Round Up!

Despite my disdain for so much SXSW coverage, i did notice some good things going on:
Writer Kevin Elliott wrote stuff on Donewaiting on Columbus Discount Record's showcase. Then on his own World of Wumme site he wrote about the Siltbreeeze SXSW showcase
• Aquarium Drunkard has a nice nostalgic article on former Cleveland powerhouse Pere Ubu.
• Buddha Den has an interview up with Squids Eye Records. I'm working on one too, so I'm not reading it yet... but you should.
• Cringe has a video up of dayton band Moon High. I like that band.
• The Pitchfork Music Festival schedule is up and tickets go on sale soon.
• Soft City Lights has new videos up! Lions Rampant and Ra Ra Riot.
• I haven't been too good at updating you on Pat Radio lately, But he's still hard at work and has new episodes. Here's some I didn't tell you about:
Program #107 David and Melissa from The Black Canary
Program #106 Umbrella Men, Moon High...
Program #105: New Rosehips, New Kyle Sowashes, New Tract Records
Program #104: Jason Quicksall
He co-hosted a WOXY Local Lixx episode (http://woxy.lala.com/music/locallixx/)
Program #103 Matt of the Proper Nouns
Program #102 Kyle of Lost Weekend Records - the two-day anniversary show!
• Chicago's Smoking Popes will sign with Flameshovel Records for their follow-up to 1997's Destination Failure called "Stay Down."
• Tha Bombshelter is going to be reporting on the Lebowskifest in Chicago.

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