Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ohio Predictions

It's 3:14 p.m. right now on Tuesday.
I plan to go vote soon, but I offer my Ohio election results: I am calling Clinton to win big locally.
However, I'm thinking Obama may beat her out in the larger Ohio cities like Cleveland and Cincinnati.
It should be interesting to see how the Republican results turn out. Obviously, most are voting for McCain. But many are planning to vote for Huckabee, aside from the fact that they freely admit they are throwing their votes away.
Based on the fact that Texas will be split right down the middle between Clinton and Obama, Ohio will be the decider … again.


Anonymous said...

It's all bullshit. I worked the polls today for the first time, long ass day, the only reason Im still awake is to post this. Alot of republicans were voting democrat today, hmm wonder why, lets not have the "muslim" be president. Better a woman than a muslim, even though you know those republicans hate both. Oh well, it's too bad they won't be getting a Republican President this time around.

eric boogiepop said...

I would theorize that they voted for Clinton because she's less electable than Obama.

So, anonymous, how do you know that these people were Republicans?

Christopher Animalhead said...

A lot of them are proud to be switching over to vote democrat in this election. I've heard a bunch of different reasons for this. But I have noticed many older/elderly women who are normally hardcore Republicans, deciding to vote for Clinton, not so much because Rush Limbaugh thinks Clinton can't beat McCain, but because they would like to see a women become president before they die. Most of the Republicans I know either voted for Huckabee or not at all. I still don't put too much stock in republicans voting for Clinton because they think she's less electable. When it's 33 degrees out, raining/lightening and horrible weather in Ohio, not many are going to go out of their way to make a statement like that. But that's just my opinion on it all.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Im just paranoid but yeah it was alot of older republicans who would never proudly vote democrat so it raised suspicions.

And when you're working the polls you have to ask them which party they're voting for because there are different ballots for the parties. republican, democrat, or issues only...and you're allowed to switch...so they were saying republican and switching to dem, but asking if they could vote republican in November if they voted democrat now...

see what I'm saying?