Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bar None

First I heard it, then I read it officially on Buddha Den. The Nite Owl has officially closed.
But here's some more info from BD:

...after more than 25 years as a jazz, blues, reggae, and underground rock hotspot, the Nite Owl has officially closed today. We understand that the building will be closed for renovations over the next couple of months and will reopen as Blind Bob's. For now, all shows have been cancelled. If you had a booking, we would recommend contacting the person who set up the show to see if it may be moved to another venue.
So long, Nite Owl....

I guess the only problem is that if your band has been booked for this month, my guess is you're screwed. Maybe the shows booked with some time to spare may have a chance to find another venue.
But if there is one thing I hate it's when bars give the ol' Fuck you to shows booked. Didn't this same thing happen when Elbows closed, or am I confusing cities?
If I'm wrong and some other bars would like to step up, please send me a message, I'd be glad to act as some kind of liaison.
I'm starting to notice a definite trend across the Midwest. Unless your bar is rock SOLID, you're screwed. Unfortunately for Nite Owl, it was a cool bar, which just suffered a lot by alcohol complaints.
I guess I have to say viva Oregon Express!
But for some Dayton folk, only one good bar in the historic district is kinda scary.
It's like a small town losing all it's antique stores.

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meltones said...

It's been a sad state of affairs in Dayton over the past week since the Nite Owl closed. Many of us are scrambling to relocate those shows to Pearl, South Park Tavern, and possibly the newly opened Dayton Dirt Collective. If anyone needs help in Dayton, please contact us at The Buddha Den.