Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Holy shit, I just noticed this on Pitchfork Media.
Multi-instrumentalist, producer, and Bloomington, Indiana scene staple LonPaul Ellrich passed away Wednesday, May 7. A beloved member of the fertile musical community that populates the college town, Ellrich lent his touch to a plethora of Secretly Canadian projects from throughout the years, including Marmoset.
As a statement on the label website reads, "Though most knew him as an amazingly subtle and musical drummer, [Ellrich] was very much a swiss army knife. He could sing, play guitar, break out a fucked up keyboard part, it didn't matter...his primary instrument was his sheer taste in music and unending-- sometimes to a fault-- need to realize what he was hearing in his brain. LonPaul, you're brutally honest, totally endearing, and always inspiring, we'll miss you."

Friends and fans wishing to share their own take on Ellrich's legacy can do so via a website set up in his honor.
Pitchfork link:HERE.
I first came to hear about Marmoset through Chris Fry of Margot and theNuclear So and Sos.
No, I don't know how he died.
Legacy Web-site: HERE

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