Monday, May 12, 2008

C. Spencer Yeh in NY Times

Just saw that Cincinnati avant garde musician C. Spencer Yeh was featured a bit in the May 11 New York Times:

Burning Star Core

The young violinist and electronic musician C. Spencer Yeh has worked in noise-improvisation contexts, with people like Thurston Moore and members of Wolf Eyes and Hair Police. His own continuing project — in which he plays pretty much everything — is Burning Star Core, and “Challenger” (Hospital), the new Burning Star Core album, is noisy but often very pretty, anchored by drones. (An exception is “No Memories, No Plans,” which has no drone: it sounds like a brush fire in an empty gymnasium.)
It’s hard to get a bead on what’s making these roaring, overdriven, scraping sounds: not necessarily the violin, not necessary keyboards. The only clues are the credits given to other people (guitar on one song, harmonica on another) and the title of one dense and spooky but mellifluous track: “Mysteries of the Organ.”

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