Thursday, February 8, 2007

Buddha Boy update

It's kind of frustrating that there have been no updates regarding my obsession with the Buddha Boy of Nepal, the kid who has been meditating for the past 7 months (9 months according to USA Today). It's been like waiting for the next season of Lost to come out on DVD.
(I did find out that GQ did an article about the kid recently. I'm reading it right now and it's boring. The writer seems more interested in tellling us about his plane trip than anything else. Let me punch myself in the face so I wake up. Hmm, I learned that the reason he is talking about his plane ride is to make a point about how difficult it is to sit motionless for long periods of time. I bet he patted himself on the back for weeks when he came up with that angle. Just as I start to think his writing isn't too bad, the article ends, "To read the rest of the article buy the latest issue of GQ." Eff that.)

Then I found a real update at - a Nepalese newspaper. But they don't know much more about Buddha Boy than when they started. They say that scientists have observed him and know that he is alive. But the fact that he can sit there 12 hours a day for months is throwing up a conundrum for modern science.
The most disturbing part of the article was when I read, "We had to come forward to provide protection as some miscreants tried to disturb him by making noises and poking him with a stick."
I hate people.

This is a great line from the article too, "(An official) also claims that the news of Bomjon's 'godly power' began to spread after two dumb people started speaking after visiting the meditation site."
Dumb people..that's hiliarious.
Read up:

I also found a Nepalese blogger who has been consolidating updates, like I'm attempting to do, but I think his own opinion is more important than mine, since he lives there:
"This is the country where Buddha was born and this is the country where now Ram Bahadur Bomzon is meditating in the middle of a jungle to find peace and this is the same country where King, Politicians and Maoist are fighting with each other senselessly. I hope that this little Buddha’s effort will will succeed in bringing peace to my motherland."

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pinkrobot said...

I'm fascinated by this kid. Thanks for the update leg work.