Monday, February 26, 2007

More on J*A*M*C

When it comes to Buddha Boy and Jesus and Mary Chain, it doesn't matter if it has to do with the Midwest. That's the rule.

I will not be happy unless the band tours again and comes out with another Honey's Dead or Automatic. Some update news from the Filter Magazine blog:

JAMC Talk Reunion

The Jesus & Mary Chain return to play their first shows in nine years when they appear at Coachella this April and at the Summercase Festival in Madrid and Barcelona. Jim Reid breaks the silence:
Who else is in the band?
"On bass it's Phil King, on drums it's Loz Colbert, and on second guitar is Mark Crozer, and of course myself and William."
Phil King was in Lush and Loz Colbert was in Ride. Can I get a hell yeah?
Why are you doing the show now?

"Well, I would say 'why not?' there are many reasons really. Firstly it's taken this long for me and William to get to a point where it would be realistic to do it, and to some degree each of us assumed the other wouldn't be interested, and it was only after we talked about it that we realised this. Also Coachella were very persistent."
The last show was in 1998?
"Yes, the last Mary Chain gig was in 1998 and was such a bloody awful mess, too much drink, too many drugs, nobody seeing eye to eye on anything and the band just blew up, and I suppose you could say this is another good reason for our reformation, cause that was no way for the Mary Chain to end."
William lives in LA and you live in Devon?
"You can imagine the problems this presents."
Will there be more shows and an album?
"I really don't know. Maybe. I think we would like to and we're looking at another show or 2."
Are William and yourself working on solo albums?
"Yes, both are at the recording stage at the moment, and both will hopefully be out later in the year."

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