Monday, February 12, 2007

Sound college

It used to be that the warm hissing sound of tape was the defining factor of indie rock in the 1990s.
But lately I've been listening to all of these great songs posted on Myspace pages, of random bands that will never get signed and probably will never see any real attention. Most don't even have that much faith in themselves.
It's also interesting to me, that the new sound of indie rock has become the thin high-end range of computer recording. You can even hear the air in the room. It's made from people who don't really know how to record on computer, but are desperately trying to figure it out, because it's their only option. It's kind of heroic, really. It also creates an outlet for the incredibly lazy. But I support that.
It used to be that finding new and interesting indie rock bands was akin to finding change on the pavement. You may see a cool CD cover in the used bin. Before that, you might look for the tape with the handwritten cover, buried underneath a stack of Eagles cassettes.
So it seems like the future of indie rock is a lot more accessible, and yet still completely random and unsung.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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