Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Let's get to know the Midwest, shall we?

It occurred to me that the Midwest is a pretty vague and large piece of land to cover. There's also the fact that there is just as much I don't know about it as there is random crap I do know. So I'm delving deeper. That "recommend" article below from Chris Fry is a step in that direction. I want to know everything about Indiana music. For god sake, Secretly Canadian is based there. I think Indiana is about as far west as the Midwest goes. Wait! Look at this map I found. This means I must also pursue Michigan and Illinoise (at least the cities that matter). I may shoot as far east as Pittsburg, but I'm not so sure they deserve it. I've been there. Besides, take a look at that map. Ain't no Pittsburg there!
But shit, it has Kentucky. Please don't make me talk to the people from Kentucky!! They are crazy!!!

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