Monday, March 12, 2007

The NOISE on your face

I often speak about my love of abstract pop music. But what I have been missing out on is something that has become uniquely Midwestern. It's the concept of pure, unadulterated Noise. No rhyme or reason. Random knobs as as far as the eye can see. Saxophones and Speak and Spells. Squeals and open wounds.
Back story: In my quest to speak with Columbus group Times New Viking (Siltbreeze/Matador) about the concept of Noise Rock in the Midwest, I accidentally stumbled upon an entire subculture. This is what this project was all about in the first place. Unearthing what is unique to us as Midwesterns.
So whether I understand or even appreciate the art behind Noise Rock, we are going to jump in with both feet until I do.
As Columbus musician Time and Temperature explained to me, "the noise scene, as a whole, is better in the Midwest than anywhere else in the country."
Stay tuned for interviews, MP3s and more.

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