Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gil in the Garden

I had to ask Gil Mantera about the Madison Square Garden gig, mentioned in that Pitchfork article. He did not disappoint:

Well, we played the Madison Square Garden Theater... that's pretty much it as far as the performance is concerned. The guy who directed our Elmo's Wish video is dating the main girl in the Scissor Sisters, who were gracious enough to invite us to open up for their sold-out show. It was all very last minute. We found out on a Wednesday and played the following Saturday. We both do this for a living, but you know, i had to drop my plans of doing jack-shit that day, which was a total bummer.

It was a lot of stress and I'm glad it's over, but I can tell my kids a cool sounding story even though it was mostly a humbling experience and a huge pain in the ass. I think the Garden staff got a big kick out of the elaborate tour bus we travel in, Ultimate Donny's 2001 Honda Civic. There were no groupies or mounds of coke for us backstage stage, but i did have a nice meal. And for the first time in a while we got everything on our rider, which made me think we gotta get more shit on our rider... I think I could perform better after chowing down on some fine imported caviar! And that's showbiz, baby!

Donny also weighed in:
He messed up one thing, though. My Civic is a 2000, not 2001.

Editor's note: I think what I appreciate so much about that photo above is its David Bowie "Labrynth" moose knuckle qualities.

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