Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Radio, Radio

Folks over at the Donewaiting's message board are busy discussing the merits of Athens/Columbus band EARWIG's recent heavy radio airplay. Is it because it's a novelty song about Columbus' USED KIDS RECORDS store? Do they deserve the radio airplay on something like CD101?
I guess my take on it is that these arguments are stupid. It's Earwig, they have been performing for decades. Singer Lizard McGee managed to create a song that has lyrics people can relate to and it's catchy. After all these years, Earwig has managed to retain its Midwestern Sound ties. They don't jump ship to sound like Radiohead. McGee doesn't form other bands and act like Arcade Fire or TV on the Radio. He even shaved his beard and everyone knows beards are all the rage right now!
It's Earwig - a band you can count on to do the right thing. I've never even seen them perform live and I know that. I don't even live in Columbus and I know that. It's also a self-released CD, give them some props for god sake.
What I think bands are overlooking is that "Used Kids" is a topical song. Right now there is a serious worry that great record stores like these are going to die out. The reason is because of the Internet, home computers and Ipods.
In a similar way, radio stations like CD 101 are in the same boat. People may joke that no one listens to Satellite radio. But they do and those space stations are in direct competition with college and independent radio. You put this all together and you realize that a song like "Used Kids" is creating a discussion around Ron House and what he represents. The song came along at the perfect time. For people who love independent radio and record stores, this is a great thing to bring awareness to.
I think what many bands also seem to overlook is something as simple as quality. To even begin to be considered for radio you have to have a nice recording. But the trend nowadays is using crappy mics to record your buddies banging sticks in a room - which is cool in its own way, but it won't get you on the radio. Most don't care about that. It's an aesthetic choice. Some do and they lay the foundation in their recordings.
If you want to help them out even more:
Email CD101 : dj@cd101.com
Call the DJ to request: (614) 221-1011
Oh yeah:
Earwig is also #5 on the charts at many universities that report to the CMJ.
WXCU Playlists for CMJ
New Music Review - Issue #1000 - Radio 200
1 PETE YORN... Nightcrawler... Columbia
2 ARCADE FIRE... Neon Bible... Merge
3 MODEST MOUSE... "Dashboard" [Single]... Epic
4 KOOKS... Inside In/Inside Out... Astralwerks
5 EARWIG... Center Of The Earth... Lizard Family
6 COLD WAR KIDS... Robbers And Cowards... Downtown
7 KAISER CHIEFS... "Ruby" [Single]... B-Unique
8 RAZORLIGHT... Razorlight ... Universal
9 MIKA... "Grace Kelly" [Single]... Universal
10 WARM IN THE WAKE... Gold Dust Trail... Livewire
11 HOLD STEADY... Boys And Girls In America... Vagrant
12 DUSTIN KENSRUE... Please Come Home... Equal Vision
13 JESSE MALIN... Glitter In The Gutter... Adeline
14 TED LEO AND THE PHARMACISTS... Living With The Living... Touch And Go
15 MANCINO... Manners Matter Self-Released
16 BLOC PARTY... A Weekend In The City Vice
17 SHINS... Wincing The Night Away Sub Pop
18 GET SET GO... Selling Out And Going Home TSR
19 SILVERSUN PICKUPS... Carnavas Dangerbird
20 EARLY YEARS... The Early Years Beggars Banquet
21 BREAKERS... Here For A Laugh... Funzalo
22 MOTHER MOTHER... Touch Up... Last Gang
23 DECEMBERISTS.... The Crane Wife... Capitol
24 BABYSHAMBLES... The Blinding [EP]... Capitol
25 BECK... The Information... Interscope
26 LUCERO... Rebels, Rogues, And Sworn Brothers... Liberty And Lament
27 HEADLIGHTS... Kill Them With Kindness... Polyvinyl
28 BE YOUR OWN PET... Be Your Own Pet... Ecstatic Peace
29 PALOMAR... All Things, Forests... Misra
30 I'M FROM BARCELONA... Let Me Introduce My Friends

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