Monday, March 12, 2007

Rust-Colored Belts

I totally forgot I was going to post this great response on Midwestern music, from Justin Longacre, of the Toledo band THE HOMEVILLE CIRCLE:
"I read your blogspot about the Toledo sound and found it very interesting. My goal for The Homeville Circle is to create a particular sound of the Midwest in the wake of post-industrialism. Perhaps similar to the way Southern Gothic writers like Faulkner and O'Connor sought to capture the South in the wake of Reconstruction. I try to write songs about the 'rusted out' nature of the city and surrounding areas. In fact the new record is going to be called 'Moths, Rust and Weeds.' The idea of these forces as agents destructive judgement is interesting to me lately. See 'rustbelt' on our page (this version was recorded for a radio show over the phone).
"I call this style, based on the broken nature of the landscape, Midwestern Shambling. The exciting thing is, there are bands cropping up all over that arrived at a similar idea and sound independantly. Check out FRONTIER RUCKUSfrom Michigan, or CHURCH OF THE RED MUSEUM in Columbus. That's the Midwest singing."

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