Monday, March 19, 2007

Cleveland bands - Part II

Sam from Mr. Gnome is a gem of a person. He clarified a bit on some other local Cleveland bands for you fine people:

"Technically, you're right about If These Trees Could talk and The Doctor Teeeth not being based out of Cleveland, but both bands are comprised of local Clevelanders and both bands are very much a part of the greater Cleveland music scene and are an accurate representation of the sound of the scene at the moment. Infinite Number of Sounds is still very much a band although they are going through a line-up change (editor's note: Glad to hear that, they are good).
As for other bands, here are some of the more popular names although we have no working relationship with any of them: This Moment in Black History (one of three bands from Cleveland to go to SXSW this year), Roue, The Boatzz, Bears, Machine Go Boom, Unkle Scratch's Gospel Revival, Plasma for Guns, The New Lou Reeds and The Black Diamonds (we just played a show with these guys on Friday).

Thanks to Mr. Gnome for keeping Cleveland alive to the outside world!!

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