Friday, July 13, 2007

From Paste Magazine:
Shake It Records mocks Rock Hall...again
Writer: Austin L. Ray
Published online on 12 Jul 2007

Ah, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A place where true musical visionaries and legends get their due. The Velvet Underground. Neil Young. Sly and the Family Stone. Johnny Cash. Patti Smith. The list goes on and on. And yet, have you ever sat back and wondered why certain artists are allowed to share such hallowed space with the above untouchables? The folks at Shake It Records in Cincinnati, Ohio (located, according to Google Maps, just four hours and four minutes to the southwest of the Hall) sure have, and they're not gonna take it anymore:
"...the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is fraud, wrapped in a lie, folded into a sham, and baked in political glad-hand/back-scratch re-around crock pot of crap," reads a post from a store representative on Chunklet magazine's blog. But more than just talking the talk, Shake It plans to do the same thing it does every year. Thusly, the 2007 Shake It Rawk n' Roll Hall of Fame Induction/Deduction Ceremony will be held on August 14 at Shake It HQ. Votes are now being tallied for who should get added (artists and bands the Hall would never honor, natch) and yanked out (artists and bands that don't deserve the status). But lest you can't make the trip to the home of Reds baseball for the shindig, you can vote at the above-linked Chunklet post. It's time to take the power back.

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