Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Larry's Legacy

I don't know why I'm on such a Columbus, Ohio kick lately but I was glad to read this article in The Other Paper here.
Larry's Bar has always been a great tradition in Columbus. I was in there many many times. Once Mike Rep was talking about the rumors that Bob Dylan used to live in one of the upstairs apartments for a while during the 1960s. He said that it's possible, but it was more likely that Phil Ochs lived there, because Ochs attended Ohio State. Dylan and Ochs were friends to a certain degree, so Dylan may have stayed over on occasion.
Read more on the history of Larry's.
I've found it interesting that local legend Don B (a large seemingly homeless local legend, who enjoys forcing bands to play the theme to "Batman" or "Louie, Louie") has switched from being a regular at Bernies to being a regular at Larry's.
When I was at Ohio State I heard that Larry's was a gay bar all the time. When I was taking creative writing classes, my professors would take us there and explain that the "gay" moniker was total hogwash. Then they'd buy us all a porter and want to discuss "The Crying of Lot 49."
Although it pains me to think of Ohio State football fight songs being played in Larry's. That shit belongs at Buckeye Donuts.
(UPDATE: I went to Columbus over the weekend to go to Used Kids Records and realized why they have been talking about Larry's. After that GIGANTIC version of BW3s opened at the corner of Lane and High, the former building (located next to Larry's) was completely demolished. It's kinda left Larry's looking all alone there. It's pretty sad to see. Maybe they will take the concrete out and put up a little grassy area. That'd be cool.)

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