Monday, July 30, 2007

Why I hate Rudolf Giuliani...

Quote from Yahoo news:
"That's what makes America great, not this nanny government that Democrats want to give us, where government controls your entire life," he said.

What kind of dumb fuck would say this about modern Democrats?!

After almost eight years of Bush at the helm, controlling every aspect of our lives, the LAST things Democrats want is a controlling government. They want the exact opposite.
Giuliani is a fucking idiot.
He's already using George Bush tactics of making up a bullshit catch phrase and I suspect he plans to repeat that phrase over and over again.

I beg you. People of the Midwest. How about for this election, do me a favor and open your goddam eyes for once. If you're a farmer: Republicans don't give a shit about you. So this time don't vote for them just because you hate gay people or something.

If you're a factory worker, remember how Goerge Bush sold you out and left you without a job a couple years ago? Remember how your factories shut down all across Ohio? So don't vote for a Republican just because you think abortion is bad or you want to smoke cigarettes in hospitals.

This election, how about we all sit down and get informed. Maybe read a newspaper. Turn off the fucking TV news. Use a little more insight and see what actually affects you as a realistic human being.
Giuliani is going to scare you into thinking Democrats plan to raise taxes until you're broke. He's going to claim to lower taxes instead. That's horse shit.
Get informed.

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